Who We Are


  Our membership is comprised of athletes belonging to every socioeconomic class.  We have doctors, business owners, executive managers, computer guru's, teachers, barista's, students, and more.  We host social gatherings at parks, gym parking lots, and in our homes.  PGVC members can be seen everywhere and at all hours of the day (and late, late...late night!).  There are times when it seems all we do is play volleyball but when you're around the folks you call family and playing a sport you all love, 

Not all members of PGVC joined just for the social aspect of the club.  Quite a few members were collegiate athletes and still play at that level locally and around the world.  PGVC members have played in Europe, Asia, the South Pacific, Mexico, Canada, Puerto Rico, and South America.You can reach out to us via email at info@pgvc.org with any questions!