Hawaii Tournament Announced! Honolulu here we come!

Volleyball in Paradise awaits!  We are beyond excited to announce the first NAGVA tournament in Honolulu in, well, maybe forever!  We have exciting events being planned around the tournament.  If you have been wanting to take a vacation in Hawaii but couldn't find a friend to go with, now is your chance!  All of your volleyball besties will be there to socialize, play volleyball, drink, and EAT.  If you know how to eat, and trust, most of us do, Hawaii is a veritable cornucopia of flavor sensations and not to be missed!

This tournament name  "Hoa Aloha" means "beloved/cherished friend".   It's someone who you consider more like family, that person who is always there for you when you need someone, in short, one of your best friends.  Jim Moore, who passed at the end of March was someone we called our hoa aloha.  He was well known as a Regional Commissioner, Tournament Director (San Jose), and a good friend to many NAGVA members.  It was his dream and visions that started the ball rolling on this tournament.  The Directors of Balls of Furry and Portland Gay Volleyball Club (who were fortunate to have had Jim as a mentor) have teamed up to bring this tournament to life, to honor Jim and to help add more hoa aloha's to our NAGVA  'ohana.  So, e kipa mai (come visit us) and help us build life-long memories, friends, and family through the sport we all love!

We are offering both a Men's, NAGVA sanctioned tournament, as well as a woman's tournament this year (not NAGVA sanctioned).  Some of you may be aware that Hawaii volleyball is some of the best volleyball around, and we are expecting many players you mainlanders have never seen before, with skills that will challenge you at any level, INCLUDING the ever challenging A3 division.  If you think you have mad skills and want to take on some of the best, THIS will be the place to play this year!

As for BB and B, no worries, with as many local players, and as a prime vacation spot, we expect many teams from the mainland to mix with the locals at all levels!