Lodging in Hawaii


Manoa Valley
2721 Kaaipu Ave, Honolulu, HI 96822
United States

If you are planning to play in the Hawaii tournament, lodging will be a big part of your expenses and will be key to enjoying your time on the island.  The enclosed graphic shows the areas ABOVE and within the marked areas that we would recommend to look for lodging, especially for the Friday/Saturday/Sunday of the tournament.  This area will likely have lower priced places to stay in general, but also the Hawaii Marathon is the same weekend as our tournament, and a lot of the streets in Waikiki will be closed off Sunday morning, which would make getting to the tournament extremely difficult, even for taxi, Uber, or Lyft.  However, there are still plenty of places to stay.  

First, we are working on a two host hotels available, both of which will have easy access to the playing facility even during the Marathon.  The hotels are:

The Shoreline Hotel Waikiki www.shorelinehotelwaikiki.com

website; Address:  342 Seaside Ave, Honolulu, HI;  Phone 808-931-2444

Discounted rate of $140.00 per night + 13.96% tax - Discounted parking rate of $15.00 per night (reflects 50% discount)

Call Direct: 1-855-931-2444 ask for the “FIERCEJT” group rate


E-Mail: shorelinereservations@filamenthospitality.com reference the “FIERCEJT” group rate

The Coconut Waikiki Hotel www.coconutwaikikihotel.com

website; Address:  450 Lewers Street, Honolulu, HI; Phone 808-923-8828

Discounted rate of $150.00 per night + 13.96% tax – Discounted parking rate of $15.00 per night (reflects 50% discount)             

Call Direct: 1-866-974-2626 ask for the “FIERCEJT” group rate


E-Mail: coconutreservations@filamenthospitality.com reference the “FIERCEJT” group rate

Both hotels are recently renovated and are waiving the nightly resort fee of $30 for PGVC/NAGVA members.

Hilton Waikiki Beach

Address: 2500 Kuhio Ave, Honolulu, HI 96815; Phone 808-922-0811

Discounted rate of $150 per night + 13.96% tax

Please reach out to Richard Sucre (richard.sucre@gmail.com) for reservations and more information.


Other Options

In addition to looking at hotels, we would recommend looking at Airbnb, misterbandb, VRBO, HomeAway, Hometogo, timeshares, and other alternative lodging.  These may be more ideal for teams as there are a number of places available that will support 6-8 people per property, making it easier to keep the team together.

When looking at places to stay, look carefully at the parking policy.  Parking is very limited around Honolulu, and pricing reflects that.  Also, due to the Hawaii Marathon, much of the street parking will be closed off during the weekend, including cars getting towed during the night (in addition to the parking along the canal where yours truly missed the sign that said street cleaning every Monday and Thursday night, all cars towed!).  Morale of the story, if you don't need a car, stick to taxi, Uber, Lyft, and your friends on the islands with cars - especially over the weekend!

There are a few places to stay on the west side of the canal that will have access to the Manoa valley, but if you are unsure about a location, you can email us and we'll see if we can determine if you'll have easy access to the gym on Sunday morning.

For those of you doing an extended vacation, it may make sense to stay in the recommended area from Friday-Monday, and choose other lodging for the remainder of your trip if you are going to focus on site-seeing, beach-gawking, or other island activities.

With proper planning, your housing costs can remain reasonable and you can enjoy the tournament and the full flavor of island life!